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There's more to see when you are in the center of Europe. Use this opportunity to travel abroad and see the surrounding countries! The Master's study also encompasses a couple of trips for you.

Linz is worth seeing

Innsbruck, Austria

The historical town centre with its castle and the baroque main square, with the mighty cathedral and lively shopping streets is directly situated at the Danube. Highly above Linz rises the Poestlingberg with the pilgrimage basilika.

A special "Object of interest" is the original "Linzer Torte". This sweet delicacy is baked for over 300 years after the oldest cake recipe of the world and is a tasty souvenir for the visitors of the capital city.

Everything is amazingly close

Austria shares national borders with Switzerland (164 km) and the tiny principality of Liechtenstein (35 km) to the west, Germany (784 km) and the Czech Republic (362 km) and Slovakia (91 km) to the north, Hungary to the east (346 km), and Slovenia (311 km) and Italy (430 km).