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JKU International Master's Program Informatics
at the Softwarepark Hagenberg

Apply today: 3000 € and a limited number of waived tuitions

Admission deadline for fall 2017: May 31st, 2017.

We will award a limited number of waived tuitions and an additional 3000 € for excellent students.

The Program

Graduates of the JKU Fellowship Program in 2011
Graduates of the JKU Fellowship Program in 2011
Graduates of the JKU Fellowship Program in 2010
Graduates of the JKU Fellowship Program in 2010

Located in the heart of the Europe in Upper Austria, the JKU International Master's Study Informatics at Softwarepark Hagenberg is a special version of the JKU International Master's Study Informatics with the following special features:

  • the international students live together on the campus of the JKU Softwarepark Hagenberg and are personally assisted in all aspects of study, individual and social life,
  • the students work together with Austrian IT research institutes and companies in the frame of their masters' theses (in particular with institutes, companies and start-up companies at the Softwarepark),
  • in accordance with the master's thesis subject chosen we arrange an individual specialization curriculum and provide an individual academic advisor for each of the students,
  • the students get a special working techniques and entrepreneurship training and access to the network of the Softwarepark Hagenberg in case they are interested to stay in Austria for further study, working at Austrian companies, starting their own business, etc.,
  • students who apply with a bachelor degree and a total of more than 240 ECTS points of previous bachelor and master's course work can complete their master's degree ideally in one year,
  • depending on the qualification students can obtain fellowships.

Tuition and Fellowships

The tuition for this special program is 10000 euros.

We try to arrange fellowships from research institutes and companies for sponsoring the tuition and/or supporting part of the living costs for qualified students.

We will award the complete tuition fee and an additional 4000 euros for very talented students.

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Cooperating companies and research institutions

Companies sponsoring master's theses at International Studies for Informatics