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Student Master's Projects of the JKU International Masters Study Informatics

As part of the graduation ceremony of the JKU International Masters Study Informatics at Softwarepark Hagenberg at the Ars Electronica Center in Linz each student has prepared a display of their work. The projects range from computer science topics to mathematics. View the photos!

Identity and Access Management - Maha Aburahama

Enhancing 3D Modeling Software for Inline Quality Control - Alex Danila

Solving Production Problems using Tabu Search Metaheuristic - Alexandra Jimboreanu

GRASP with Path Relinking for Short Term Production Planning - Plamen Alexandrov

Re-Engineering a Grid Aware Medical Database based on a Metamodel - Amira Zaki

Integrating a Formal Specification Test Coverage information in Source Code Search - Eszter Tasi

Evaluation of a Cluster Middleware in a Heterogenous Computing Environment - Stefan Georgiev

Evaluation of  the Implementation Method of an Information Security Management System - Dina Helmy

Integrating SVN Information with Source Code Analysis in Enterprise Search - Rami Henein

Problem Diagnosis in Large Scale Computing Environments - Ioana Iacob

Unit Testing Environment - Kamen Goranchev

Bend Part Template Catalogue - Mikhail Kozhevnikov

Text Integrated Similarity Retrieval Using Latent Semantic Analysis - Plamen Kozhuharov

Concept, Implementation and Design of a Software Cockpit - Stefan Larndorfer

Automated Testing for KeStudio - Marlien Nekhela

Valuation of Barrier Option by Simulation - Nataliya Ramzina

Bending a Sequence Optimization of Metal Sheets - Amr Noureldin

Problem Diagnosis in Large Scale Computing Environments - Olimpiu Pop

Infrastructure of a Knowledge Base for Optimization Algorithms - Anna Simon

Visualization and Clustering Workflows in the Fire Fighting Domain - Mohamed Wagdy Saleh

Symbolic Computation for Parameterized Wavelets in SAGE - Le Wang

Fourier Analysis and Local Fourier Analysis for Multigrid Methods - Yao Zhou

Interactive Tools for Inspecting Proofs in Theorema - Zsuzsanna Sinka

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