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Exam Announcements

Bruno Buchberger and students at International Studies for Informatics

16.4.2020 09:00 Final exam of Tibebu BIRU

16.4.2020 10:15 Final exam of Ibrahim ABOUELSEOUD

16.4.2020 11:30 Final exam of Chau-Jian HUANG

16.4.2020 12:45 Final exam of Pei-An WANG

According to the Corona-Virus-Situation these exams will take place online. If you want to join as a visitor please write an email to betina.curtis(at) and you will get attendance information.

In coordination with the faculties, the Vice-Rectorate for Academic Affairs has developed a digital concept to hold oral and final subject area examinations using Zoom. This option also guarantees public accessibility, which is required by law.  Based on this, the corresponding oral examinations can be resumed shortly.